¡ï¡¡Learning-oriented QICEG
¡¡¡¡We have to relentlessly learn from others and be good at learning since we strive for developing QICEG into a large corporation boasting huge influence and rallying point in China and enjoying high reputation in the world.
¡¡¡¡ n this sense, we should learn from the most advanced and the latest conference and exhibition experience, operation means and management approaches worldwide. Meanwhile, we should arm our staff with the most advanced knowledge to realize synchronous development between QICEG and those world-class counterparts. We can remedy our defects by learning from other people¡¯s good quality and suggestion. Now QICEG is undergoing its initial stage. Therefore, we should be more generous and capable so as to distinguish superiors and inferiors. It is advisable to find out favorable experience of other enterprises and all other exemplary contents. By absorbing strengths of our counterparts, we will realize promotion and progress, thus surpassing other enterprises and consolidating competitive status of QICEG.
¡ï¡¡Team-based QICEG

¡¡¡¡Relation between company staff and team is featured by interaction and mutual impact. An outstanding team is created by good performance of every member of this team. Both value and achievement of an individual in the team have to be assured and sustained by a vigorous and creative team. Therefore, how to regard the relation between individual and team plays a decisive role for collaborative force of a corporate team. Team is a collection of individuals but is higher than the simple collection of employees. All members of the team should maximize their strengths under the call of common ambitions and value outlooks, thus realizing leap-forward development.

¡ï¡¡Operation-styled QICEG

¡¡¡¡A successful enterprise is accomplished by every ordinary employee based on every detail of hard work. Any operation of employees will influence general development of this enterprise. In this view, operation by all employees is significant. An enterprise, whose employees have efficiently and properly finished all required operations, can create brilliant future and make a great success.

¡ï¡¡Post-based QICEG

¡¡¡¡Market economy incubates a competitive society and an era, in which persons with higher capacity will prevail. According to rules of market economy, the capability of employees is defined as ultimate factor of post superiority and income amount. At present, we highlight this sense of differentiation and arrange competent, skilled and diligent employees for key posts, thus bringing their creativity into full play and providing strong impetus for fast corporate development. Meanwhile, we should reflect the differentiation in income allocations and pay more to competent persons, realizing overall progress of the staff.