Develop conference & exhibition industry to enhanc

¡¡¡¡Compared with traditional economy, conference & exhibition economy has the more diversified economic theme, more powerful industrial relevancy and stronger benefit diffusibility and has been regarded as one of the main contents for evaluating the modernization of a city. Modern conference & exhibition industry after a hundred years of development has become an important means of promoting trade, introducing technology, attracting foreign investment, presenting image and acquiring information around the world. It not only brings benefits to the carrier of industrial activities, more importantly, but can also promote the development and prosperity of almost all economic and humanistic contents in the carrier¡¯s area in a fairly long time.

¡¡¡¡ÔÚConference & exhibition industry belongs to service industry in macro-economic department. For it is a kind of pollution-free industry and plays an important role in driving and promoting economic development of the whole city, its development is one of development strategies preferred by countries or regions that are small in size but have large advantages in transport, communication and opening degree to develop urban economy. First of all, conference & exhibition industry features high relevancy, high profit and high economic effect. According to foreign statistics, the profit of conference & exhibition is generally 25% more or less. Secondly, conference & exhibition economy can foster new industrial cluster and increase massive employment opportunities. It is estimated that nearly 100 jobs can be created upon every increase in an exhibition area of 1,000m2. Thirdly, conference & exhibition industry can promote scientific and technological development and realize the transfer of achievement in science and technology and has the function of technology diffusion. Finally, the conference & exhibition has the function of city promotion. On the premise of relying on city image, exhibition and promotions activities can be combined to improve the city¡¯s international influence. So to vigorously develop exhibition business based on current development of regional economy and inherent law of development of conference & exhibition industry is of great significance in improvement of the city¡¯s competitiveness.

¡¡¡¡Firstly, strengthen the government¡¯s role in guiding and cultivating the development of exhibition industry and actively promote the marketization and internationalization of this industry. City government acts as a double-edged sword in the development of city conference & exhibition industry. Generally the government provides infrastructures and preferential policies for the development of conference & exhibition industry, however, the pure subsidy, preference or tax relief causes the dependence of enterprises on the government, thus offsetting the enterprise¡¯s initiative of innovating and playing the principal role. Therefore, the government¡¯s function is to create the favorably social, cultural, economic and legal environment for development of conference & exhibition industry to eventually highlight the strengths of the resource endowment industry characteristics of this city and make it the center of conference & exhibition industry.

¡¡¡¡Secondly, accelerate the cultivation of a batch of the branded exhibitions and some professional and competitive conference & exhibition companies. Make the branded exhibitions take roots in this city and make sure to find the intrinsic advantages. Meanwhile, with the specialization of exhibition and improvement of market level, hosting and organizing activities shall rely more on professional exhibition companies, and the overall level of exhibition can be improved only through the growth and expansion of professional exhibition institutions. Therefore, it is necessary to attach importance to the synchronous development of conferences and festival activities, give play to resource endowment advantage of the city and place extra emphasis on development of ¡°exhibition¡±, ¡°conference¡± and ¡°festival activities¡±.

Thirdly, value the scale and brand. Compared with foreign countries, our conference & exhibition companies are of small scale, narrow business and low grade and have no brand of their own, so it is difficult for them to compete with the strong foreign conference & exhibition companies. In that case, it is necessary for us to concentrate the dominant resources of conference & exhibition industry, make efforts to improve the level of exhibition organizing, planning and service and managerial and administrative expertise, make constant innovation in exhibition activities and strive for famous brand. Under present conference & exhibition economic conditions, from the perspective of strategic choice, the expansion of scale of conference & exhibition enterprises requires the coordinated development of diversification and specialization to improve market competitiveness of conference & exhibition industry.

¡¡¡¡Fourthly, give full play to self-controlling, standardizing and coordinating role of the associations and other intermediaries and actively promote the industrialization of conference & exhibition. At present, an important reason for the disorderly competition in exhibition market and the overall low level of exhibition industry is the lack of national industry organization and a set of rules for exhibition industry and the difficulty in transforming the functions of government. Therefore, it is urgent for us to formulate the industrial standard and service system for exhibition industry, make out classification standard and evaluation methods of the exhibitions and promote the formation of the mechanism for selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior in exhibition market under the guidance of government department.

¡¡¡¡Fifthly, consciously and purposefully promote the division of labor based on specialization and cooperation of conference & exhibition industry. The charms of conference & exhibition lie in the timely transfer of product feature on the spot and the direct communication with target customers, thus achieving the purpose of commercial cooperation in a short time, which cannot be matched by other media. And the segmentation of product service requires the more specialized exhibition, which is the trend of future exhibition development. The so-called specialization involves the specialization of labor division in conference & exhibition industry chain, the specialization of service for conference & exhibition activities and the specialization of the operation of conference & exhibition projects.

¡¡¡¡Finally, strengthen the training of exhibition professionals and establish manager training system. Conference & exhibition industry, as an important component of service industry, has its own law of development and rules of operation and needs a lot of related professionals. For this reason, it has become an impending task for us to cultivate conference & exhibition talents on a large scale through the specialized training method in current development of conference & exhibition development. Therefore, to achieve better operation of management system of conference & exhibition industry, on the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen on-the-job training of existing management personnel; on the other hand, place particular emphasis on mobility of talents, attract newcomers and introduce conference & exhibition professionals at home and abroad to undertake some management works of conference & exhibition industry so as to improve the level and idea of conference & exhibition management and guarantee sound operation of management system of conference & exhibition industry.

¡¡¡¡In addition, it is also required to strengthen theoretical research on conference & exhibition economy, with emphasis on providing the more specific influencing factors and indexes of conference & exhibition economy, instead of taking certain factors as standard for evaluating conference & exhibition center. And it is necessary for city government to not only take account of urban hard environment and soft environment but also attach great importance to cultural diversity and humanities internationalization and expand the opening of this city.Wang Fanghua, Guo Jurong, Zhang Yueli