The 3rd World DNA and Genome Day 2012 in Xi’an, China

【文章来源于:曲江会展中心 】


  The 3rd World DNA and Genome Day 2012 in Xi’an, China was solemnly opened at Qujiang Hall of the Qujiang International Conference Center of Xi’an on April 25. 10 Nobel Prize winners and approximately 3000 representatives covering expert, scholars and Top 500 enterprise from more than 50 countries and regions gathered together at the Qujiang International Conference Center to jointly discuss the industrial development of the world gene biotechnology.

  This conference was hosted by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), Xi’an Municipal People’s Government and China Biotechnology Association. Zhao Leji, the Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Zhao Zhengyong, the Provincial Governor, and Sun Qingyun, the Secretary of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee met with 10 Nobel Prize winners participating in the meeting. Leaders of the national ministries and related organizations, such as Liu Yanguo, the Deputy Director General of SAFEA, Xia Bing, the Director of SAFEA Information Research Center of International Talents, Yu Xiaodong, the Deputy Secretary General of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Peng Yu, the President of the China Medicinal Biotechnology Association attended the opening ceremony. Dong Jun, the Mayor and Deputy Secretary of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee attended the opening ceremony and delivered opening address, and Yue Huafeng, the Member of Municipal Standing Committee and the Executive Deputy Mayor hosted the opening ceremony.
  “World DNA and Genome Day” is honored as the “Olympic” of international gene biotechnology. Since it was held in Xi’an for the first time, especially at the Qujiang International Conference Center for such high-level professional meeting, high attention has been paid by leaders at different levels. For the purpose of providing good reception services, the Qujiang New District committee established dedicated working group. Wang Jianjun and Zhou Dejia, the Executive Deputy General Manager and Deputy General Manager of the Culture Group successively held the site coordination meeting to meticulously deploy the service details, the project support, environmental protection, security and catering service, etc. during the meeting reception. They also set up an over 20-member volunteer team for meeting service to provide the foreign guests with personalized service. They requested everybody to complete each service work with political task importance, thus ensuring the smooth proceeding of the meeting.

  The Day continued to April 28, during which about 60 meetings and banquets, such as Nobel Prize Master Forum, Nobel Prize Winners Symposium held by SAFEA, the Welcome Banquet and Art Show held by Xi’an Municipal Government and professional meeting & exhibition and economic, trade and scientific exchanges as well as activities to popularize scientific knowledge were simultaneously held at Qujiang International Conference Center.