Portrait of Four Beauties Performed by Li Yugang Made its Debut in February in Xi’an and Would Start World Tour

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  Recently, CCTV has released the news that Li Yugang, a famous artist, would present himself in the 2012 Dragon year New Year Gala, making his a long-standing dream come true. Portrait of Four Beauties, which is a popular song and dance drama, was promoted by Li Yugang in 2011 in particular. As declared, this drama was started at Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center on February 4, 2012 as the first stop of the world tour. This show in Xi’an was given after the drama was performed at Grand National Theatre and Great Hall of the People in 2011.

  According to related news, the grand song and dance drama Portrait of Four Beauties was particularly promoted by Li Yugang in 2011. Moreover, it was also the pre-eminent sample of China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre in the Excellent Performances of National Art Schools and Troupes hosted by Ministry of Culture in 2011. Li Yugang was the only starring role in the drama and would act as poetic image of four ancient Chinese beauties for performances and dialogues beyond time and space. The drama was divided into four chapters, including Xi Shi: Wandering with Spirit, Zhao Jun: Flying with Dream, Diao Chan: Playing with Moon and Yang Yuhuan: Drinking with Flowers. The drama has made a great success after making its debut at Grand National Theatre and Great Hall of the People, boosting the confidence of the drama team to launch the world tour.

  Portrait of Four Beauties was a brand-new great work of Li Yugang after his vocal concert named Beautiful Clothing in the Prosperous Era in Sydney in 2009 and vocal concert named Flower in Mirror and Moon in Water in 2010. The most outstanding creators of China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre have jointed the chief creating team. All dancers were the most excellent professional dancers from domestic art schools and troupes. It was noted that music of the drama focused on new songs. Wang Shengning and Luan Kai, the chief music creator of the 16th Asian Para Games, were invited to several songs with Chinese characteristics. Furthermore, the best combination in Chinese music sector, including Vincent Fang, Jay Chow and Michael Lin, has created Chasing Dream as theme song of the drama, thus thickening ancient atmosphere of the drama.

  Portrait of Four Beauties was performed by Li Yugang in Xi’an as the debut of the world tour. Meanwhile, it was marked as the first large-scale performance of Li Yugang after he performed at Dragon Year Spring Festival Gala. The drama had a strong tie with ancient Xi’an. It was believed that this drama featuring thick ancient atmospheres would gain greater popularity in Xi’an.