Ancient City Bustling with Springtime Festivities and Folk Culture Enriching the Spring Festival

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  Hobbyhorse, land boat, ancient folk art Shehuo (springtime festivity) and shadow play have made their debut in hundreds of springtime festivity of Shaanxi Province at Xi’an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center. Over 30 folk arts presented themselves one by one, recalling memory of urban people towards traditional cultures and bringing ancient Xi’an a unique Spring Festival.

  Zhang Jun, a local person of Xi’an but living in Guangzhou, has returned to his hometown Xi’an to celebrate the spring festival. On hearing springtime festivities at Qujiang International and Conference Center, he, together with all his family members, has come to the venue on January 25 to watch Yangge (popular rural folk dance) of North Shaanxi Province, listen to strains of music accompanied by drumbeats and enjoy rotating land boat to hold persons. These locally featured folk arts have deeply delighted Mr. Zhang and his family members.

  It is so unbelievable that I can experience so genuine folk performances in Xi’an an all my family members have been deeply excited by these local folk arts of Shaanxi, said Mr. Zhang, a resident of Xi’an.

  Among all folk performances, hobbyhorse from Zhouzhi County has attracted the most attention. Dozens of kids have been dressed up as warriors on horseback. They kept changing array along beating of gongs and drums. Over ten arrays, including phoenix in full wings and scorpion drilling on chair, have been highly praised by all audience with admiration.

  These folk performances are quite rare now and help me recall the past. So I’m very happy, said a local resident of Xi’an.

  In addition to outdoor Shehuo, intangible cultural heritage in pavilions has also attracted all visitors. Magnificent and mighty eighteen weapons, minor multicolored dough figurines were under the spotlight. Shadow play was given once every two years and densely crowded with visitors. Fantastic sound and skilled performance of those artists have brought local people a unique spring festival full of traditional cultures. As a significant activity culturally benefiting all people of Shaanxi Province, these folk performances would continue to Chinese Lantern Festival.

  This activity is implemented to further explore and protect intangible cultural heritage lost in Shaanxi and then enrich cultural life of all residents in the Spring Festival. I wish all people can have a happy and cultural Spring Festival, said Bao Tian, Manager of West China (Xi’an) Cultural Industries Expo Co., Ltd.