(1) Advertising service
  ● The center implements exclusive management to advertising facilities, advertising services and advertising pendants in the exhibition area.
  ● The center provides wall-mounted ads, fixed advertising framework, mobile advertising framework, suspended flag, lamp post flag, arch door, balloon and other advertising facilities.
  ● The center provide ads design, release, creation and suspension.
  (2) Dining services
  Dining Department of Xi’an Qujiang Conference and Exhibition Commerce Co., Ltd. provides all dining services, including reciprocal banquet, cocktail party, buffet, common fast food, Islamic meal, western refreshments and local delicacies.
   (3) Cleaning and hygiene
  ● ● The center provides general cleaning and maintenance services for public areas, public passage and sanitary fixtures of all exhibition halls.
  ● The center provides independent cleaning services for specially decorated booths at the request of exhibitors.
  (4)Opening ceremony
  ● At the request of organizing committee, the center can provide all-in-one standard opening ceremony services, including venue, stage, performance, background board, audio system, VIP reception hall, ritual girl, battery cart, ribbon cutting and firework.
  (5) Water, electric power and air-conditioning
  ● The center provides services of electric connection, water supply and sewage at the request of exhibitors.
  ● The center provides services of fresh air, cooling and warming at the request of organizing committee.
  (6) Broadcasting and audio system
  ● The center provides broadcasting services covering all halls and squares of the center.
  ● The center provides audio system services for performance, conference and opening ceremony.