(1) Standard booth erection

  ● Standard booths should be erected by Qujiang Conference and Exhibition Commerce Co., Ltd. Now, the center has more than 2,000 sets of standard exhibition tool.

  ● After being erected, standard booth should not be restructured. In case of the need for restructuring, please contact organizing committee for approval. After being approved, related exhibitors should handle procedures at the service center. The center will arrange professionals for the restructuring.

  ●Configuration of standard booth: One information desk, two foldable chairs, one paper basket, one electric socket, two spot lights and one fascia board (conventional).

  (2) Restructuring standard booth into special booth

  ● 我The center has procured shaped exhibition tools to provide exhibitors and exhibition groups with the service of restructuring standard booth into special booth.

  (3) Design and fabrication of special exhibition stand

  ● In response to demands of all customers, the center can design special exhibition standard and provide high-quality fabrication services.