¡¡¡¡Qujiang Spring Festival Celebration is renowned as one of brand folk culture feasts with the largest scale, the extensive influence and the greatest significance in Shaanxi Province during the Spring Festival. It is jointly hosted by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture, Northwest University, Xi¡¯an Culture, Radio, TV, Press and Publication Bureau and Administrative Committee of Xi¡¯an Qujiang New Area, undertaken by Xi¡¯an Qujiang Cultural Industry Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. and sponsored by Xi¡¯an Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, Shaanxi Cultural Industry Research Institute of Northwest University.

¡¡¡¡During the celebration in 2012, many wonderful folk arts, such as steel bracket Shehuo (springtime festivity), shadow play from Zhouzhi County, Yangge (popular rural folk dance) of North Shaanxi, Qin Opera and Henan Opera, were quite popular with local residents. 150 traditional folk art performances on the square and more than 30,000 visitors reflect that original programs, high quality and featured programs have hit record high in the history of ancient Xi¡¯an, thus thickening atmosphere of the Spring Festival for ancient Xi¡¯an.

¡¡¡¡he celebration has combined folk cultures with business demands and particularly explored merchants to jointly host the celebration, ultimately realizing mutual complementation among venue provider, program organizer and merchant and finally ensuring all parties concerned are victors.

¡¡¡¡Your participation will make the Second Qujiang Spring Festival Celebration in 2013 better!

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