¢ Festival name: The 2nd Animation Comic Game Cultural Festival Xi¨an China

  ¢ English name: Animation Comic Game Cultural Festival Xi¨an China China

  ¢ Theme: Animation of Passions and Festival of Games

  ¢ Date: June 7, 2012 to June 10, 2012

  ¢ Venue: Xi¨an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center (No.1, Yanzhan Road, Xi¨an)


  ¢ Sponsors:

  Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture

  Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce

  Administration of Press and Publication of Shaanxi

  Department of Science and Technology of Shaanxi

  Xi¨an Municipal Leading Group Office of Cultural System Reform and Cultural Industry Development

  Shaanxi Provincial Leading Group of Supporting Development of Animation Industry

  Xi¨an Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Press and Publication

  Department of Industry and Informatization of Shaanxi Province

  Education Department of Shaanxi Province

  Youth League Shaanxi Provincial Committee

  Administration of Radio, Film and Television of Shaanxi Province

  Xi¨an Conference and Exhibition Industry Development Office

  ¢ Co-sponsors:

  Administrative Committee of Xi¨an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone           Administrative Committee of Xi¨an Qujiang New Area

  Shaanxi Animation & Game Industry Association    Shaanxi Animation Industry Platform

  Shaanxi Comic Research Society

  ¢ Undertaker:

  Xi¨an Qujiang Cultural Industry Development Center

  Xi¨an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd.

  Overview of the festival:

  Animation Comic Game Cultural Festival Xian China (hereinafter referred to as the festival) is renowned as an integrated exhibition platform directed by government, dominated by enterprise and controlled by market. During the festival, series exhibitions, negotiations, forums, performances and evaluations are launched on a regular basis every year to build an exhibition platform integrating government department, industrial association, professional media, animation & game enterprise, animation & game product and animation & game fans so as to achieve exchanges, presentations, collaborations and transactions among different components of the animation and game industrial chain and then ultimately realize seamless connection between production and demand and between product and market, thus promoting prosperity and development of animation and game industry in Shaanxi and strengthening the industry all over West China. Great efforts will be made to develop the festival into a brand animation and game festival featuring the largest scale, the highest standard, the best quality, the most complete content and the most fans in West China in three to five years.

  The First Animation Comic Game Cultural Festival Xi¨an China was successfully implemented at hall B2 and B3 of Xi¨an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center from June 4, 2011 to June 6, 2012. Duration of the festival was three days. Seven exhibition areas and ten themed activities with total area more than 30,000m2 have been arranged. During the festival, about 2000 enterprises both at home and abroad, such as SNDA, Perfect World, Snail Game and Tian City, have attended the festival. Turnover on the venue has exceeded RMB 3 million Yuan. And the festival has attracted about 100,000 visitors. Hundreds of media and more than 20,000 pieces of news have reported the festival.

  The Second Animation Comic Game Cultural Festival Xi¨an China will take the opportunity of large-scale cultural development declared by the Sixth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth Central Committee and adhere to the outline of being advanced, farsighted, forward looking and innovative. As planned, total exhibition area will reach 50,000m2. Meanwhile, seven theme halls, 31 exhibition areas, 13 theme activities and seven forums will be arranged to build the festival of animation and game culture in an all-round and multi-angle way in West China.

  Prosperous China and Grand Festival in Xi¨an! Domestic and foreign merchants and distinguished guests are invited to attend this great festival!

  Exhibition area planning

  Animation and comic pavilion (B2): Planning area 10,000m2

  Animation enterprise exhibition area, theme comic exhibition area, industrial park exhibition area, master and masterpiece exhibition area, Pili exhibition area, fan-fiction exhibition area, video area, original arts exhibition area, area of animation for kids and area of integrated service by the organizing committee.

  Game and entertainment hall (B3): Planning area 10,000m2

  Cyber game area, entertainment equipment experience area, online game experience area, handheld game machine experience area, digital interaction area and board game area

  Commodity transaction hall (B4): Planning area 10,000m2

  Cosplay venue, transaction area of products closely related to animation and game, media area, exhibition area of college students¨ society, waitress cafe, photography area and ACG celebrity interview area and doodling area.

  Outdoor venue (Square of Harmony): Planning area 10,000m2

  Roller-skating youngster cup roller-skating competition, extreme bicycle show, extreme basketball, hip-hop show, real CS experience, flea market of products closely related to animation, and dining and recreational area.

  Theme activities

  1. Xi¨an Area of China COSPLAY Super Ceremony of the 8th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival

  2. China Xi¨an Competition of 2012 World COSPLAY Summit (WCS)

  3. Xi¨an Qualifying Competition of 2012 ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival

  4. 2012 Spring Cosplay Tour in Universities and Colleges

  5. The 4th ACG Intercity Cosplay Tournament

  6. Ascending to the Throne: Cyber Game Championship

  7. Iron-willed True Man: Real CS Battles

  8. Draw What I would like to Draw: Theme Comic Competition

  9. The 4th Ancient Xi¨an Comicland Exhibition

  10. King of Board Games: Board Game Championship

  11. Interview with ACG Celebrities

  12. My Show: Animation Festival for Kids

  13. Roller-skating Youngster Cup Roller-skating Competition

  Forum & conference

  Date: June 7, 2012 (the whole day)

  Place: Xi¨an Qujiang International Conference Center

  Contents: (Proposed)

  1. The 2nd report meeting themed ^Dream and Perseverance: We are on the Way ̄.

  2. China Animation Industry Park Development Summit and Experience Exchange

  3. Seminar of Understanding Animation and Game Industry Development of Shaanxi

  4. Investment and Financing Forum for Medium and Small-sized Animation and Game Enterprises

  5. Forum of Animation & Game and Product Development

  6. Animation & Game Industry Training and Education Forum

  7. Forum of Media in Animation and Game Industry

  Publicity and promotion

  The Second Animation Comic Game Cultural Festival Xi¨an China will take public creditability and influence of mainstream brand media as agents of publicity and promotion, utilize authoritativeness and dedication of specialized media as core of publicity, carry out tour in universities, middle schools and primary schools as emphasis of the publicity and define Xi¨an as center of the publicity to cover surrounding areas and extend to the whole country.

  ¢Promotion plan

  Audio and video media: It is planned to utilize advantaged resources of related audio and video resources and publicize and promote the festival through CCTV, Phoenix TV, Shaanxi TV, Xi¨an TV Station, Xi¨an Communication Radio, Xi¨an Music Radio, Shaanxi Music Radio, FM105.5 and other media.

  Plane media: It is planned to utilize authoritativeness and reader coverage of specialized media and advertize the festival on Chinese Business View, Xi¨an Evening News, Animation & Game Magazine, China Television Animation, CGWorld Time Anime, Animation & Comic Fans and other media.

  Internet media: It is planned to utilize resource advantage of QICEG official website and the long-term partnership of QICEG with Internet media and collaborate with more than 200 Internet media for powerful publicity, including www.qq.com, www.sohu.com, www.sina.com, www.21cn.com, www.china.com, www.mop.com, www.people.com.cn, www.tudou.com, www.youku.com, www.uacg.net, www.manshen.net, www.comic.gov.cn, www.cuctv.com and www.cctvdream.com.cn.

  Other media: The organizing media will arrange a tour around ten universities and colleges and hundreds of middle and primary school, dispatch 100,000 pieces of DM in campus and urban area and erect about 1,000 advertising boards in colleges and universities for innovative publicity and promotion of the festival.


  1. Animation and game industrial park, industrial platform and industrial management department nationwide;

  2. Exhibition, performance, competition and event of animation and game industry nationwide;

  3. Enterprises in animation industry and their products and services;

  4. All kinds of (cyber) game and entertainment enterprises and their products and services;

  5. Development enterprise and circulation enterprise of products closely related to animation and game industry;

  6. Various original animation, comic and other cultural originalities;

  7. Various fan-friction original works;

  8. Education, training and consulting service institutes of animation and game industry;

  9. Radio & TV, newspaper & magazine, Internet and other media in animation and game industry;

  10. Software & hardware equipment and commodity in the field of interaction and entertainment;

  11. All kinds of electronic entertainment equipment and portable game equipment;

  12. Digital hardware product and multimedia entertainment technology and equipment;

  13. Animation and comic TV works;

  14. High-end toy products;

  15. Other related technologies and products.

  Participation procedures:

  1. All exhibitors should have business license and other related legal qualifications, documents and certificates in the valid period of production and operation.

  2. All exhibitors should ask the organizing committee for exhibition booth layout. After confirming exhibition booth, exhibitors should fill in Exhibition Application and Agreement. After being affixed with official seal, the form should be faxed or mailed to the organizing committee office as the voucher of registration.

  3. Since the number of exhibition booth is limited, exhibitors should pay up exhibition expenses to the organizing committee in seven working days after the organizing committee receives the stamped form as above. Upon overdue payment, the organizing committee will not reserve exhibition booth. As for exhibitors quitting the festival during the festival, the exhibition expense will not be refunded.

  4. After payment, exhibitors should fax payment voucher to the organizing committee office (fax number +86-29-87655222). In five working days after the exhibition expense is confirmed, the organizing committee will issue Exhibition Acknowledgement to related exhibitors.

  5. The organizing committee conforms to the sequence of application, payment and confirmation.

  6. The organizing committee has rights to adjust confirmed exhibition booths according to overall effects and safety of the festival venue.

  Investment promotion:

  1. Exhibition booth

  2. Advertising

  3. Denomination

  (1) General denomination    (2) Exhibition area denomination    (3) Denomination of theme activity/forum

  Exhibition expenses

  1) Standard booth: 9m2 (3m〜3m) and RMB 4,000 Yuan/booth

  Configuration: Exhibition area, three-sided exhibition board (2.5m high), one negotiation table, two chairs, one power socket and two spot lights. Special power consumption should be specified to the organizing committee and additional charged.

  2) Outdoor booth (6m〜6m at least): RMB 500 Yuan/m2

  Configuration: The organizing committee only provides a specific area of open ground. Exhibitors should bear the expense on booth design, erection, electricity fee and management.

  3) Advertising price:

  Arch door (five): RMB 5,000 Yuan/ad;        Truss painting (4m〜6m): RMB 3,000 Yuan/ad;

  Balloon (ten): RMB 2,000 Yuan/ad;   Ticket ads: RMB 20,000 Yuan/ad;

  Card ads: RMB 5,000 Yuan.

  4) For details about sponsorship, please contact the organizing committee at +86-29-87655224

  You are warmly welcome to attend the Second Animation Comic Game Cultural Festival Xi¨an China.



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