¡¡¡¡All exhibition booths should be erected by the exhibition center with exhibition board and eight-prism column. A standard booth is 9m2 large and is 2.5m high. Every booth is provided with an information desk, two chairs, two spot lights, one electric outlet (with rated power of 500W), one paper basket and one conventional fascia board. All exhibition participants are required to take good care of these articles after making sure all of them are fully provided. In case of any loss, the exhibition center will declare for compensation. If equipment power of the standard booth is higher than the standard configuration power, please go to the exhibition center service desk timely to pay electricity fees to avoid unexpected losses and troubles.
¡¡¡¡Special booth refers to specially decorated booth erected by exhibitors or by entrusted erection companies. In general, such booth is composed of truss and wood (interior undecorated floor is a form of the booth) and will not be provided with any article as above. Erectors of special booth should provide duplicate of their business licenses and construction effect drawings and fill the form of application for special decoration with authentic information before handling booth erection procedures. Meanwhile, they are requested to pay corresponding deposit for clearing the site after exhibition. As for the power demand, please present an application after making sure actual electric power. If the power service has been declared, exhibitors should wait patiently. Electricians of the exhibition center will provide electric connection service on the site as soon as possible. Available power distribution box on booth indicates the procedure is fulfilled. (Electric connection out of power distribution box is carried out by exhibitors but power distribution boxes are provided by the exhibition center. Before using the box, exhibitors should pay corresponding electric connection fees, box rentals and box deposit. Please prepare wires and cables by yourself to use high-power equipment). It is required to wear safety helmet during erection and construction.
¡¡¡¡During the erection, all erection companies and exhibitors should comply with requirements of the exhibition center for parking and are prohibited to park your cars on booth erection passages so as not to impede erection progress of other merchants. If your car is parked at randomly, your car will be towed out of the exhibition center.